Shima Mirkarimi

Shima Mirkarimi spent four years studying planning as an undergrad at the University of Waterloo and two years as a graduate student at the University of Toronto. After leaving school, she worked as a planner/urban designer at a few mid-size planning and urban design firms in Toronto.

Working in the planning field convinced her that great ideas can no longer be competitive as standalone text documents. The best plans, no matter their originality or scale, will lose their ability to connect with project stakeholders if they are not visually inspiring.

Shima works with planning and architecture firms and NGOs, to create renderings of site plans, sections and elevations for presentations, RFP submissions and documents so her clients can present their ideas in a more tangible way. She also creates custom layouts, presentation boards and PowerPoint presentation templates to help stakeholders better understand the project at stake. 

Current and past clients include: 

Outside of doing graphic work, I also sew and am the lady behind #shimashearts





A collection of document layouts, brochures, large format posters, master plan and site plan and section renderings and info graphics. 


Contact me for help with presenting your ideas the way they were meant to be: beautiful, accessible and professional. 

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